The future of sex: A doll that can talk

One day you may just be able to create the perfect partner, if you’re able to afford it that is. Harmony is the name of the sex doll being developed by RealDoll, a world-leading, multi-million dollar sex toy business.

She is RealDoll brought to life, a RealDoll with a personality, who moves, speaks and remembers, and cost approximately US $19,000.

Her sole purpose is to be a good companion, good partner, give pleasure and well being. Above all else, she is to “become the girl you’ve always dreamed about”

According to the Daily Mail Online, Harmony is the product of 22 years’ work of making sex toys by owner Matt McMullen, five years’ research and development into animatronics and AI (artificial intelligence), and hundreds of thousands of dollars of his cash.

McMullen wanted to get beyond the situation where a customer operates a remote-controlled doll or a push-button animatronic puppet, and create an actual doll which moves on its own when you talk and interact with it.

Additionally, you could have a Harmony with different personalities. You can buy one that is kind, innocent, shy, insecure and jealous to different extents, or one that’s intellectual, talkative, funny, helpful and happy.

She also has a mood system, which users influence indirectly. If no one interacts with her for days, she’ll feel gloomy. Likewise if you insult her, as Matt is keen to demonstrate.

Harmony can tell jokes and quote Shakespeare. She can discuss music, films and books for as long as you care to. She’ll remember who your brothers and sisters are. She can learn.

‘The coolest thing,’ Matt says, ‘is the AI will remember key facts about you: your favourite food, your birthday, where you’ve lived, your dreams, your fears — things like that. That’s what will bring believability to the relationship.’

This isn’t about a hyper-realistic sex doll any more. It’s about a synthetic companion convincing enough that you could actually have a relationship with it.