The great thong debate: Should being cute outweigh common sense?

Fads come and go, but the thong seems like it is here to stay, and so is the fact that some women wear it even when it uncovers more crack than Harlem! This tiny scrap of fabric is the stuff men have lost their careers over, as well as their marriages since it has the unfortunate habit of turning up in men’s pocket unannounced or beneath the front passenger seat of the family minivan.

Songs have been written about it, and every woman with a ‘penis appointment’ has one in her goodie bag of tricks. But is it true that no matter the size, every woman should wear one? As with everything, there are pros and cons to consider. Should being cute outweigh common sense?

The plus side for thong wearers is that no panty line shows under your cute little dress, and it does not ‘bunch up’. On top of that, it can make you feel sexy, and it is a good boost to one’s self-esteem, which can never a bad thing. In a nice hip-hugging pair of jeans, ‘granny panties’ are not even an option even as your buttocks literally consume that little strip of material.

Having said all of that, the thong is not made for everyone. Do not let Sisqo and his cheesy hit song fool you. No one wants to see a thong on a 300-pound woman because one size does not fit all!

Let’s be frank, a thong might not always be practical, neither is it comfortable. It can ride up into places that normally do not see sunlight and make walking around an uneasy task. Add to this the fact that depending on the material, you can even start having gynaecological issues because of it. Non-breathable fabric can result in moisture, leading to a shift in your vagina’s pH and an increase in yeast and irritation. Not cool, and definitely not sexy.

What is also not cool is how it can get all up in your ‘business’. For some women, this leads to chafing and redness. If this was not enough of a deterrent, consider what happens when you do a ‘number two’ and do not wipe well enough. With a thong, this is even more cause for concern. When shopping for underwear, ladies, it should be practical as well as pretty.

Written by C.W.