The honeymoon is over… now what?

Couple on honeymoon

So, you walked down the aisle, said your ‘I dos’, jumped the broom and jetted off to an exotic location where you soaked up all the sand, salt air, sun and sex that you could handle. You had the time of your life. Your suitcase is now by your front door as you are back and ready to spend the rest of your lives making each other happy. Great.

The reality of life as a newlywed just kicked in. You have a new piece of jewellery on your finger; can no longer live just for yourself; now have to check in with someone else before making major decisions; and if you are a female, have to get used to your new last name. Are you starting to get overwhelmed yet?

Before you have a panic attack at the enormity of the commitment that is marriage, take a deep breath and see it for what it really is – a new shared way of living with the person you now know you can’t live without.

That being said, marriage is about compromise and trust.

couple gazing into each other's eyes

The first big myth to be dispelled is that you are gonna have sex like rabbits for the rest of your life. Really? Demolish that lie! With job commitment, housework and life intervening, it is not possible no matter how sexually compatible you are. People who spend all day in bed doing the ‘mattress mambo’ do not have jobs. In addition, you might just be too tired after using up all your energy to prepare for the wedding.

If you moved in together before the big day or got a bigger place for all of your combined stuff, it may be a good time to sort out and amalgamate things and get your personal stuff, furniture and legal affairs in order. You will need to take out life insurance, open joint accounts for utilities and groceries and change your will. Just go easy and do them one at a time.

Also, be prepared for family members and friends who will start pressuring you to start popping out babies as if they are on a conveyor belt. Jamaicans, especially, love to wish people a house full of little ones as if money, time and effort are limitless. Pay them no mind. Take your time and enjoy each other’s company because though marriage is a pretty big venture, sharing your 23 chromosomes with someone is an even greater commitment.

Written by C.W.

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