The importance of a ‘cheat day’…

A cheat meal every now and then isn’t a bad thing.

So, you’ve been ignoring all those tubs of ice cream that have been calling your name in the supermarket freezer; you have not stopped to get any fast food in over a month, and you have learnt to drink your tea without those two spoons of sugar. Yup, you have been doing good. So good that the scale has been good to you, and you now feel that you can reward yourself with one cheat day.

Breaks the monotony

Before you get your mind all bogged down with dirty thoughts, please note that the ‘cheat day’ being referred to has to do with food consumption and only that. For the uninitiated, ‘cheat day’ is any day of the week during which a person following a diet disregards the regular restrictions on the amount or kinds of food they can eat.

A lot of people are not adventurous with their healthy meals.

Having a cheat day is not a bad thing, as it breaks the monotony of eating the same thing when you are on a diet. Most people are not very adventurous when it comes to eating healthy so they may stick to preparing the same thing over and over, and after a while it all tastes like cardboard, as you are chewing but you do not enjoy the meal. 

Fool your body

When trying to shed some pounds, we tend to decrease our calorie intake and over time our body will recognise that it is not getting what it used to. It will, therefore, try to restore what it considers a ‘balance’, level off and slow down your metabolism. This is why having a cheat day occasionally is good for you, as you can fool your body into thinking it is getting a calorie overload, and therefore it restarts its ability to burn fat. Yea!!

While a cheat day is fine, don’t slack off on your regular diet.

On your cheat day enjoy your favourite meal, but do not overindulge and eat as if there is no tomorrow. Avoid processed foods and packaged treats as much as possible because they have no nutritional value and empty calories are the worst to pack on. And because you are having foods you like does not mean that you forget to do the rest which is staying hydrated and exercising. Food is one thing, but do not completely ‘slack off’.

Though it may be your cheat day, try not to feel guilty about enjoying your meal. Life is too short to live with regrets.   

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