The ins and outs of a blind date

They say love is blind but what about dating? Could you see yourself across from an individual who you are just meeting for the first time because your mutual good friend thought that you guys would be perfect for each other, and decided to set you up?

Some might argue, it is too much of a stretch to think that love could flourish from such a situation, when so many unknown variables are at play.

In today’s society, a blind date is almost akin to online dating: you really do not know what you are going to meet until the person is standing or sitting in front of you. People can purport to be someone who they are not — even using other peoples’ pictures and lying about their profession, status and just their lives in general. The term for all of that is ‘catfishing’ but let us get back to blind dating 101.

Often times arranged by a mutual acquaintance of both participants, a ‘blind date’ is a social meeting between two people who have previously never laid eyes on each other, hence the perfect use of the phrase. It can be instant sparks and chemistry right off the bat; one sided which can lead to a good friendship; or a living disaster as the both participants take one good look at each other and yell for the cheque immediately!

When it comes to dressing, do not go out of your way to look super sexy. It is not that kind of show and you do not want to give the impression that you will be doing the ‘mattress mambo’ afterwards.

Wear something fun and comfortable. A good test of a dope outfit is if when you look in the mirror it makes you smile, then you know you chose well.

Have an open mind. While you should not go there expecting to meet Idris Elba’s twin, you need to at least hope for a fun evening, even if you do not find a love connection.

Throw out all expectations to avoid any major disappointment. Remember, it is just a date, not a marriage or ‘forever after’, so do not create a beautiful build-up in your mind beforehand.

Also, forget your insecurities about your looks or weight or whatever else you may feel low-key self conscious about. You have to remember that while first impressions are important, you are enough just the way you are for the right person, so if the person you meet cannot see that, it is their loss and you will have a funny story to share with your girlfriends over cocktails come weekend.