The ‘lioness of Judah’: Chrichlow talks succeeding during a pandemic

Judah Crichlow

The imaginative nature and creativity that digital creator Judah Chrichlow portrays through a solid graphic design portfolio, puts her in a category with top-notch artists in the region.

Chrichlow who was homeschooled by her mother, ahead of her admittance to St Francios Girls’ College in Trinidad and Tobago, says her entrepreneurial journey began at home.

Muse868 (@muse.868), formerly Trinidad Illustrated, Lion of Judah (LOJ) Designs (@loj_designs) and LOJ Photography (@loj_photography) are all managed by Judah who has won over clients even in corporate Trinidad.

Chrichlow’s illustration of herself.

The artist, now twenty three years old, founded her moneymaker, Lion of Judah Designs, at the age of 19 while studying for her bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT).

The Lion of Judah brand serves as a one-stop shop for all graphic design or related needs. Judah considers her job as the responsibility to translate her clients’ words into a visual that speaks for itself. From info graphics to billboards and t-shirts to business cards, she does it all at LOJ designs. The business is run solely by Chrichlow who was born and raised in Belmont, Port of Spain Trinidad. She represents the young lady with big dreams that many women idealise. “My mother would always say that I was born last but I’ve always wanted to be first and she’s right,” she said.

Another of Chrichlow’s eye-pulling illustrations.

She explained “I’ve set standards for myself about the life I want to live and I know that only comes with hard work and sacrifice.”

In the creative world, we often see the most magical and influential works of art but never actually see the mind, the artist or even the creative process behind it. If you are familiar with Unqueue, the app that provides a mobile marketplace and an ordering platform for Trinidad and Tobago, you will know that Judah’s work is just a cut above the rest. This was part of Judah’s graphic design work done between 2020 and 2021.

“I would say my biggest achievement to date would be working on projects during the pandemic that went on to win ADDY Awards for the year 2020-2021,” she said, explaining that one of those projects, Unqueue, the mobile shopping app which was developed 100% locally. The app won four ADDY awards in various categories for its mobile app design. Another project with Judah’s prints on it, 10 Caribbean Marketing Agency, won three ADDY awards for multiple marketing campaigns. Chrichlow said, “it feels great to know that I’ve had some input in these projects and it makes me so excited to see what else is to come.”

Judah Chrichlow’s work for Angostura White Oak.

Muse868, Judah’s personal illustration project started in the middle of the pandemic. “I decided to draw inspiration from whatever meets my eyes, which happens to be the tagline for the project, I simply started drawing.” The work featured on Muse868 Instagram page caught the attention of other creatives in the industry and made its mark. “Muse868 attracted the eyes of many aspiring illustrators as well as major clients such as Angostura White Oak for their featured artiste series on Instagram.”

Though like many other self-employed individuals the world of small gigs and major projects came to a halt, Chrichlow got her groove back and delved deeper into the creative process. “While my work did slow down drastically at the start of the pandemic, things began picking up pace a few months after.”

From the colours to the lines and every stroke in each design created by Judah, the assumption of her personality may be one filled with excitement and thrill. The complete picture of her work shows very clearly that effort and thought was present.

For Judah, design does not stop with freelancing for an eternity. The artist has hopes of providing this luxury for future artists. “I’d like to form an Idea Incubation Studio where creatives can come in, get personal projects done as well as network with other creatives.”

— Jody-Ann Thompson