The merits of dating an ugly man

Some say they have faces only mothers can love. Others say if you keep your eyes closed for the entire duration of the relationship then they would be a perfect match.

Dating men who are not considered conventionally attractive may have its benefits.

However you choose to phrase it, dating a man whose features are considered ‘unique’ may be quite a task for some women. But, it is not without its fair share of benefits as there are merits to being with someone who is ‘facially challenged’. After perusing the list you should be better able to appreciate what you have going on. You can thank me later.

1. Your friends won’t try to steal him….unless he is rich. Then all bets are off! (We’re looking at you, Jordyn Woods)

2. He will forever be grateful because he knows that generally you are out of his league so he should treasure you and your kind heart. I mean, what says ‘happily ever after’ than the security of knowing you cannot do better?

Unattractive men will be more attentive and make you feel more special.

3. He will shower you with love and attention. All day, every day, this is the covenant we have agreed to.

4. He will never be arrogant and narcissist. In other words, you will never have to compete with your partner.

5. He will never hog the mirror or the limelight.

6. Do not worry, he will put in the work in the bedroom. You are almost guaranteed that he will make the effort to ensure you are satisfied because he refuses to be both ugly AND a terrible lay.

7. If you put on a little weight, he will not complain. Remember you can always lose the weight but he can never lose his face!

8. Being with him will do wonders for your self-esteem. You will feel way hotter than you actually are so that is another bonus.

9. Their inner-beauty will make them attractive to you after a while.

10. They will help you to recognise what you want in a relationship long term. After a spell you will come to look beyond the physical and love the person in his totality.