The more you drink, the older your brain, study shows

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If you drink alcohol everyday, then it may be causing your brain to get older faster (and not in the older, and wiser kinda way, just in case you were thinking that).

This is according to a study done at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California.

In the 11,600 individuals for whom information on drinking behavior was collected, those who drank alcohol on most days had a higher relative brain age than those who drank less frequently or not at all.

For every extra gram of alcohol consumed per day, participants brains’ were 0.02 years older – the equivalent of a day and a half.

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An ‘old’ brain would show more signs of deterioration than the brains of average people the same age in scans.

The researchers identified key regions in the brain that shrink in response to alcohol consumption.

They found that excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to a reduction in grey matter, which is essential for the communication of messages in the brain.