The one per cent: People who eat whatever they want and not gain any weight

BUZZ Fam, I think we all have that one friend who can eat whatever they want and not gain a single pound, but you gain weight from simply looking too hard at food.

Well, there’s an explanation. Scientists have now claimed to discovered a ‘thinness gene’ that they say only one per cent of the population have. This gene is called the ALK gene.

Researchers looked at the genetic profile of 47,102 people aged 20 to 44 years old living in Estonia since 2000.

Once they found a link between the absense of ALK and thinness they were able to test the theory on flies and mice in a laboratory environment.

They found that mice without the ALK gene could eat more and stay thin with a healthy body mass compared to those with the gene.

And get this BUZZ Fam, Lead author, Josef Penninger, from the University of British Columbia, said shutting down the ALK gene could one day form the basis of an obesity treatment in humans.

What do you think about that BUZZ Fam?