The perfect Christmas cake

Making the perfect Christmas cake can be a bit tricky, to say the least. It takes practice to achieve the right balance between rum, sweetness, and moisture. But I know Christmas is almost here, and some of us are going to want to get creative in the kitchen.

If you’re gonna bake a Christmas cake for the first time, then you need to know the science behind achieving the perfect one.

Luckily, we have award-wining Chef Haleem Card to give you some tips.

Chef Haleem Card (Photo @chef.card)


Is it even a Christmas cake without rum? “You have to taste the rum in the cake. But do not use too much rum either or else its going to taste bitter,” he said.

The amount of rum you’ll use in the cake will depend on the size you’re making, he says.


Nobody likes a dry cake, and a Christmas cake can get very dry if is around too long. Chef Card has the perfect solution for this. “Overtime the cake will be sitting, so it needs to be dampened every now and again. Use rum or wine to wet it every two days depending on how dry it is, but if its already very moisturized you don’t want to make it soggy,” he said.


Fruits are essential in a Christmas cake, they add that extra sweetness and texture, but according to Chef Card, they should be used in moderation. “Don’t make it too fruity either, when you putting in all the raisins and stuff, it can’t be too sweet, or else it tastes like candy.”

It’s magic.