The Pink Parrot — serving up vegetarian delights

If you’re vegetarian you’re probably a little frustrated with all these meat menus. That can be taken care of at the Pink Parrot Restaurant and Lounge in Junction, St Elizabeth.

They cater to both vegetarian and meat loving customers. The menu just like the dining area is fun and colourful. You can order your local cuisine such as pork and beans, curry goat and chicken in whatever style you desire. The selection of sides includes breadfruit salad, Yamsticks, Bammy (fried, toasted or steamed) and cheesy mashed potatoes.

For vegetarians, they serve tofu & veggie burgers and if your taste buds are craving something in particular, just make your request! (It’s safe to say pink parrot goes the extra mile for their vegetarian customers).

Their signature Pink Parrot Bowl is your choice of chicken with mashed potatoes and any topping you’d like, cheese, mixed veggies or both. The “Island bowl” is grilled chicken with a side of rice and your choice of four toppings.

There is more, they have off the menu items as well – loaded fries and guacamole.

You can hop over to the bar, peruse the cocktail menu which is  just as colourful as the interior, Rum Punch, Cosmopolitan, Mud Slide (must have) and a few others, but you can’t go to Pink Parrot and not order their signature Pink Parrot Long Island Iced Tea.