The rain was no match for Xodus Debut

Kadesha Porter was simply cute.

The rain was no match for the festivities at Xodus Debut breakfast party last Saturday, as throngs of patrons flocked The Ruins at the University of the West Indies, Mona, for food, music, and entertainment.

The DJs – Nicco, Lantern MD and Nocturnal Sound- certainly brought the energy with a range of reggae, soca and dancehall songs that captivated patrons.

Sporting a wire bra, this hottie drew quite a bit of attention during the party.

One particular moment that captured the interest of social media was when soca songstress Fay-Ann Lyons’ Dive was played. And like the song says, someone certainly dived into the crowd.

Patrons also got their fill of breakfast items that satisfied palates. Pleased with the offerings at the event, they danced up a storm even in the rain.

Brilliant idea

These friends danced up a storm in the rain.

And after fulfilling the wishes of patrons, it seems Dream Entertainment’s Kamal Bankay and his team were right on the money when they decided to host another breakfast party.

“There was a brilliant man that said one day, ‘I just don’t want to party after dinner, I want to party before breakfast.’ That man is a genius, I don’t know who that man is… The advent of breakfast parties in Jamaica has entered a new realm of enjoyment. People always say that in Kingston, Montego Bay and Negril, it’s non-stop partying for our culture. But when you infuse an opportunity to party from sunrise to midday, you just completed the circle,” he told BUZZ.

See highlights from Xodus Debut breakfast party in the gallery below.

“So the idea was really how can we fill 24 hours with parties, and we said breakfast parties are a wonderful addition to the carnival landscape, and we all embrace it.”

And as he gears up for Carnival in Jamaica in April, Bankay is promising nothing but good fun with Xodus.

“Rain or shine, the road march shot!” he told BUZZ.