The real reasons people are hoarding toilet paper

No one wants to run low on toilet paper…

Toilet paper. Two words that, in recent times, have sparked fights, stampedes and pandemonium, as people try to stockpile this precious commodity. The novel coronavirus has caused a run on ‘TP’, the likes of which would give you the runs if you give in to the global fear-mongering. It has also made a few conspiracy theorists work overtime to figure out why TP is akin to having a gold bar in your home.

Here are their findings

It is said that people are stocking up on toilet paper because it has many purposes.

1. It is multi-purpose item. It can wipe, dust and even make substitute masks.

2. Having an abundance of toilet paper psychologically makes people feel that they will ride out the pandemic, safely …and cleanly

3. Though food would be the logical first choice in stockpiling, people with OCD fear not being clean or not having access to basic hygiene products, so they just buy a lot.

4. There is this fear of ‘missing out’. Meaning you see your neighbour buy two cases and you do not want to be left out, so you run the store and get three cases! Go figure.

5. One expert said having toilet paper gives some people a sense of control. It controls a particular body function that is not the most pleasant, so having it means that they have control over their bodies and ultimately over their lives.

6. It is some people’s way of dealing with a stressful situation. In order to handle their anxiety, they hoard.

7.  Because of its size, it is more noticeable when missing from the shelves as the sanitizers and other cleaning products are relatively smaller. Large items stockpiled in the house provide a sense of relief. Almost like hugging a big teddy bear…

8. It is a relatively cheap way to gain control over at least one aspect of their lives.

9. It is non-perishable so it can never go bad.    

10. If they must die, they at least want to do so with a clean bum!

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