The stock market — Let’s get rich! (Part 1)

Jamaica’s stock exchange has been the best in the world for the last seven years.  The truth is, stocks have always been one of the best forms of investment.

If you purchased NCB in the 80s you’d have paid a mere $1.00 for each share. Today (August 15, 2019) the stock closed at $211.36.  Put another way: if you spent $10,000 to purchase 10,000 units when the stock was first listed that 10,000 units would today be worth $2,113,600.00. That’s an increase of 21036%!

Before anyone says that’s over almost 40 years, let me share some more recent data with you…

Barita (BIL) was worth $9.58 on August 15, 2018. One year later and they are trading at $88.78. That’s an increase of 826.72%.

Fontana (FTNA) the first stock to list on the Junior Stock Exchange for 2019 listed at an initial price of $1.88. Today they are trading at $8.44 – 348.93% return in a little over seven months!

The list goes on with other stocks like Sagicor, JMMB, Indies Pharmaceuticals, Wisynco, the much talked about Wigton and the recently issued Lab and Sagicor Select Fund showing remarkable returns in 2019!

Stick with me in this series and I’ll teach you why there’s nothing to be intimidated by.

So why are so many Jamaicans still intimidated by the stock market? Simple answer- Jargon, jargon, jargon! Stick with me in this series and I’ll teach you why there’s nothing to be intimidated by.

I’ll teach you about ‘money matters’ using a language that we can all understand. I’ll show you that kids make amazing investors because they go with gut instinct and are not paralysed by overanalysis.  

I’ll teach you why buying stocks are like buying groceries. You’ll learn the two main questions that you need to answer to inform what stocks you buy.

I’ll show you why the stock game is best played by all!

Follow the series and let’s get rich!

Monique Wilson holds a Masters in Business Administration from The Edinburgh University and has over twelve years of experience in the financial market.