The summer is back! Our must-haves as we venture outside

For all of the people who thought summer was cancelled, I have news for you – it’s not!

We have been having a rough time lately but there’s just enough time to salvage something of 2020.

As countries across the region continue to slowly reopen to visitors and find some semblance of normalcy, many are looking forward to making outside a thing once more, with proper COVID-19 precautions, of course.

Do not despair, even though you gave up on that summer body, you don’t have to give up on the summer goals to have some fun and let your hair down.

Yes, we are still experiencing a pandemic but life is short so we must (responsibly) enjoy it while we can.

Face masks are non-negotiable, take one with you everywhere, okay?
(Photo: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

So, what items do we need for to make this summer on and poppin’?

 Masks are now mandatory so everyone should have one on them at all times, that goes without saying.

With the unusual weather pattern we have been experiencing, sunscreen is no longer just for those with fairer skin. Actually, it’s never been for any one kind of skin, sun protection is important for all.

Hand sanitisers are a must, and also water. Lots and lots of water. Stay clean and hydrated by walking with a water bottle and hand sanitiser.

Safety first; bring along hand sanitiser just in case you come in contact with something, or someone, that could be a virus carrier.

Vitamins are a must, especially for those with questionable eating habits. You can travel with them or just take them in the mornings, it gets done sooner and you can forget about it. Your body will thank you later.

Since music is life, ensure that you have a playlist for every mood and occasion. It helps to pass time, to ease awkward situations and occupy you when there’s someone trying to make unwanted conversation.

Swimsuits are a must. It doesn’t matter what body type you have or how unfit you may be, beaches are open and we’re back in the mix for a little sun, sea and sand. Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

We’re drinking our water this summer. Keeping hydrated and maintaining that glowing skin are priorities for us all.

Lastly, ensure that crew is always on standby. You never know what may pop up and that random road trip is immeasurably better with good people around.

Summer is our time to be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s not take for granted the fact that we made it through a period of hell that writers could only dream of putting on paper.