The ‘Trikini’: The latest bathing suit trend

(Photo: Good morning America)

Summer is almost here, and I know that as soon as the beaches reopen, you’ll be hitting them. However, the social distancing guidelines will still be in place, and may require you to wear a mask.

I know what you’re thinking; a mask? On the beach? Really? But that’s the way of the world for now BUZZ Fam. Good news is that you can still rock your swimsuit, and show off that body you’ve been working on during quarantine in a ‘Trikini’

Italian designer launches 'trikini' beachwear design, complete ...
The trikini (Photo: WDRB.Com)

This is a three-piece bathing suit with a top, bottom and, you guessed it, a matching, waterproof face mask.

It was designed by an Italian swimwear designer, Tiziana Scaramuzzo, owner of Elexia Beachwear, as a creative solution to help people enjoy the beach during coronavirus pandemic.

She told Italian news site Centropagina that the idea for her pandemic-safe swimwear “was born joking with the family”.

Will you be hopping on this latest trend, BUZZ Fam?