The Weekend Binge: 3 mind-bending sci-fi movies for true fans of the genre

Three must-watch sci-fi films for this weekend’s BUZZ binge

To put it lightly, the sci-fi genre has managed to hold up throughout the years. This category of films may take some liberties with its storytelling, but that’s what we love about it. Safe to say, it has become something of a cultural staple in cinema.

On today’s list, we’re bringing you three sci-fi movies that are sure to deepen your appreciation of the genre. Best of all, they’re all available right now on Netflix Jamaica.

So, let’s get into it!

Edge of Tomorrow
The only thing more impressive than Tom Cruise’s ability to still get audiences excited for a mega release, is the fact that Cruise somehow continues to produce great work. Edge of Tomorrow follows Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) who is stuck in a time loop, reliving the day he died in a desperate attempt to survive an alien invasion. Cage must not only survive this ordeal, but he must also learn a way to destroy this formidable foe hell-bent on destroying the Earth.

Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise stars in Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is super mainstream, but it’s one of the few times where Hollywood got it absolutely right. The film is fun, fast, and action-packed. Emily Blunt, who stars alongside Cruise, does a fantastic job as usual. She’s been great at supporting roles in major sci-fi movies for years.


Amy Adams stars in Arrival

It’s not often we come across an alien invasion film that is practically perfect from start to finish. So we’re happy to say Arrival is one of the few that totally get it right! Starring Amy Adams, Arrival follows a linguist charged with interpreting the language of an alien species that has landed on earth for mysterious reasons. She soon uncovers the true meaning behind their visit to Earth and its implications on the future of mankind. Arrival is a slow burn of a masterful film that explores the significance of language, and time, and the way we perceive them as humans.

Sure, the film is a bit out there, but it’s worth every second of your time! Arrival is sure to become a modern classic.

The Matrix
It’s hard to believe The Matrix is 22 years old; at least if you grew up in the 90s. But we’ve realized that those 22 years mean there are a lot of folks out there today who have not seen this sci-fi masterpiece. It’s hard to describe the cultural impact of The Matrix if you weren’t there to see it all unfold. You will have to just trust us that this film is included on this list for very good reasons.

The Matrix is quite possibly the most influential sci-fi film of the last two decades

The Matrix follows” Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), a computer hacker who discovers that “reality” is a computer-simulated world created by oppressive machines who have enslaved most of humanity. He must now join a rebellion to break free and help mankind to reclaim their minds.

If you have somehow contrived to have never watched the best film directed by The Wachowskis, we’d suggest you do so now in time for the Matrix 4 coming out in December. The Matrix is quite possibly the most influential sci-fi film of the last two decades. And cultural impact and popularity aside, the movie is tons of fun, the action scenes are unforgettable, and the cast is sublime