The Weekend Binge: 3 movies considered ‘super disturbing’ but you should watch them anyway

3 movies considered ‘super disturbing’ but you should watch them anyway

The Weekend’s here and so you know what that means BUZZ fam! It’s time to dive into the Netflix library and bring you some memorable movies to binge watch.

Today’s list features some (for the most part) solid movies available on Netflix Jamaica. The only catch is they can be a bit… out there. Expect the characters in these films to have you scratching your head in bewilderment as they plot, cheat and sabotage the people around them to their hearts’ content.

Here are 3 ‘super disturbing’ movies on Netflix Jamaica that you need to watch this weekend!

The Paramedic

Deborah Francois (left), and Mario Casas, give stellar performances in this Spanish thriller.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) things are off to a disturbing start with The Paramedic. After a tragic car accident, Angel’s (Mario Casas) relationship with Vane (Deborah Francois) takes a turn for the worse. Little does she know, he is willing to go to the darkest places to keep their love alive.

The Paramedic is a well-made thriller but the protagonist is so unlikeable, we believe this may be the source of the terrible reviews online.

We admit that it isn’t the best movie among the ones on today’s list, but if you are looking for an entertaining, somewhat gimmicky and violent thriller (think the likes of Chucky) then there’s no reason to pass this one up.


Jude Law “Dan” Natalie Portman “Alice”. Closer is a slow but hard-hitting romantic drama.

The relationship of two couples goes to dark and unforgivable places when the man from one couple embarks on an affair with the woman from the other, believing they are in love.

Released in the early 2000s, Closer is a true rollercoaster of a romantic drama. To put it bluntly, the couples in this movie are so downright dishonest and messed up, you may lose your faith in love by the time the credits are rolling.

If you’re okay with feeling like that then there’s definitely tons of entertainment here to take in. Closer features a stellar cast with Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen showcasing excellent performances. Even if their characters don’t have the best personalities!

The Hater

The Hater is as riveting as it is relevant.

A socially awkward young man finds his place in the world of social media smear tactics, where he discovers that his actions have terrifying real-world consequences.

The Hater is the most technically sound film on this list. Never in a thousand years would we think a two-hour film about public relations could be as engrossing as this movie turned out to be. The Hater is a gruelling, realistic, and jaw-dropping cinematic feat, displaying perfectly the power of social media. It brings to the forefront, the disturbing truth that though we may live in the information age, factual information is as hard to come by as it has ever been. Those who capitalize on this confusion will always be the ones to benefit.

Don’t be intimidated by the runtime (or the subtitles), The Hater is not just a technical feat with great writing and so on, but the characters will capture your interest from the jump. The ending is gut-wrenching and disturbing, but the director skillfully keeps the audience on the side of his less-than-ideal protagonist.