The Weekend Binge: 3 random films that are totally binge-worthy

Three random films that are totally binge-worthy

With Sunday and Monday being all-day lockdowns on the island, we are in for a long weekend which means, it’s the perfect time to dive into your Netflix library.

Of course, coming up with a worthy list can be time-consuming and near impossible if you don’t know the right places to look. Luckily, we’re always happy to do the hard work for you. To help the extended weekend indoors more bareable, we have come up with a few solid films for your indulgence.

Here are three random films on Netflix that are definitely binge-worthy.

Sami Bouajila stars in Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach
After a bank robbery goes to hell, five thieves escape to Thailand to live out the rest of their lives peacefully. But fifteen years later, one of their accomplices emerges from prison, eager to collect his hard-earned share.

Paradise Beach is by no means an above-average film. However, French actor Sami Bouajila is always an engaging and interesting figure in these random and at times sub-par French movies.

Paradise Beach manages to entertain us and even have us on the edge of our seats as we wonder when this precarious situation will turn into an unthinkable nightmare. Sure enough, it does so in short order.

The storytelling does get a bit clumsy at times, especially as the film approaches its climax. But movie lovers certainly won’t fall asleep face-first into their laptop screens while watching this modest French action flick.

Ferry Bouman is played by Frank Lammers

Dutch gangster Ferry Bouman returns to his hometown to avenge the shooting of his boss’s son. There he uncovers a secret that will put his life on the line, and a love that he is willing to do anything to protect.

Ferry is not only heads and shoulders above Paradise Beach on a technical level, but it is also quite entertaining. The character Ferry, played by Frank Lammers is oddly likeable and the story is a bit more engrossing than you might first expect.

Our only criticism? For such a violent and would-be realistic gangster movie, the ending is wrapped up a bit too nicely for our taste. Everything else gets the green light.

Jake Gyllenhaal takes on the role of a 911 operator in The Guilty

The Guilty
So Jake Gyllenhaal is back and he’s brilliant and no one is surprised. The Guilty follows a troubled police detective who was demoted to 911 operator.

While on the job, he endeavours to rescue a distressed caller through a harrowing day of violence and revelations.
Antoine Fuqua is the director helming this film.

You’ll know him as the guy who directed Training Day with Denzel Washington which was easily a classic. The Guilty isn’t going to change cinema, no. But the film is a great ride unless you suffer from anxiety attacks then in that case you should probably skip this one.

The movie, from start to finish, is high energy, high stress, and filled with infuriating phone calls where people refuse to state clearly what their emergency is, where they are, and what Gyllenhaal’s character (Joe Baylor) can do to help them.

If you can find some way to not throw yourself out a window before The Guilty gets to the third act, the movie definitely pays off.