The world is her oyster and travel blogger Shea wants to share it with you

Yasheika Shea Powell (call her Shea) has wanderlust. In other words, travel is in her blood.

Shea Powell embracing the serenity and beauty of Japan (Photos: Shea Powell)

“It’s my drive,” says the fast-talking, Kingston-based blogger. Her website,, is packed with useful travel tips and true-life experiences — alongside dreamy photographs of places she has visited.

No visit to India is complete without donning one of their elegant sarees

You can find Shea on Instagram in an Italian vineyard (wineglass in hand); meditating under the cherry blossoms in Japan; or daydreaming on a houseboat in Kerala, India.

Snapshot of houseboats in Kerala, India

Shea’s first trip abroad was to Washington, DC on April 23, 2008. Since then it’s been hard for her to stay in one place. But what, or where is her inspiration?

Shea Powell enjoying a dreamy moment in India – always looking for the next adventure

A big sigh. “OMG! South America!” Her first (visa-free) trip there was to Ecuador, which she says has a special place in her heart.

Her Spanish is improving rapidly. Among the 38 countries, she has visited to date — an “intense” 12 days in Japan and a road trip around Iceland (“a whole different planet by itself”) also stands out for her.

Take a peek at some of the stunning shots captured in Japan in gallery below.

But isn’t travel a big headache nowadays? Shea is organized, prepares well and just looks forward to her next journey. As for paperwork: “My passport is my resumé. I trust the process.”

Enjoy the beauty of Italy in gallery below.

She says: “Eighty-five per cent of my trips are solo. It may sound selfish, but then I can do exactly what I want!” She loves the freedom, makes friends along the way — but sometimes wishes she could share a stunning view or a delicious meal with family and friends.

“My passport is my resumé. I trust the process.”

— Shea Powell

Every location has its appeal. So, what about our Jamaica — what makes it unique? “It’s the vibe! It’s the energy of the people,” Shea declares. She admits that her favourite haunts are Portland, which she calls “my safe haven,” and the chilled-out mood of Treasure Beach.

“It’s the vibe! It’s the energy of the people”

— Shea Powell

So, where next? For Shea, all roads lead to the continent of Africa, which she is yet to visit. “Namibia, Botswana, South Africa — oh, and Morocco. And Egypt!” She has a checklist and she will be working on it soon.

Really soon. Shea is not one to hesitate. The airport awaits!

Heads up: BUZZ will be travelling around Jamaica with Shea to discover those special corners of the island we call “hidden gems”. Stay tuned!