The worst lies your parents ever told you

They nurtured us, loved us and gave us life, but do not get it twisted. They are also responsible for some of our issues because like it or not, our parents lied to us when we were children.

Many of those little lies still form the basis of our adult hang-ups. 

You would think that grown people would know better than to fib to young, impressionable children, but apparently this is way more common than you think.

Sometimes parents are not comfortable answering some questions and other times instead of saying they do not have the answer they choose to create their own ‘truths’. 

Below are some of the crazy lies parents have told their children.

See if any resonates with you and your childhood.    

1. Babies come from the market, or even worse, storks.

2. If you swallow chewing gum, it will twist up your tripe.

3. Education is the only key to success.

4. If you swallow a fruit seed, it will stay in your stomach and grow into a tree.

5. Santa Claus bought all those Christmas presents.

6. Eat all your vegetables and you will get big and strong.

7. Sex on your period will give you an Albino baby!

8. If a girl climbs a fruit tree, the fruits will become sour.

9. Eating fish heads will make you smart.

10. Crime does not pay. Tell that to the scammers!

11.  If a boy touches you, you will get pregnant!