There are many benefits to being a minimalist

If you desire an easier way of living, embrace the minimalism lifestyle where you de-clutter your mind, as well as your space. It is easier for some than others, but once you are aware of the many positives, making the decision to downsize will go a far way to ensuring that you do not capsize.

Endless possibilities

Let us look at some of the endless possibilities.

1. Emotional wellbeing. You just feel better about the surroundings you occupy.

2. Less clutter. Do you realise that when you have less stuff shoved in crevices and corners and can move about freely, you are more relaxed?

3. Better health. Your body will thank you for scaling back from overworking it with over-scheduled days, long meetings and too many cups of caffeine. Minimalism also means better eating habits plus exercising to rejuvenate your mind and body, so give it a try.

More time for you

4. More downtime. Yup. Clear your calendar and make more time for you to read a book, go to the beach, go for walks or just sleep in. Your body needs time to replenish itself from all the stresses of everyday life.

5. Better financial security. Who would not want more money in their pockets? If you spend less on material stuff, you will have more money in your bank account.

6. Improved interpersonal relationship. You no longer want to compete with others, hence your relationships will be enhanced as the cattiness and negative attitude will dissipate, making you more pleasant and positive which will draw like-minded people to you.

Feel lighter

7. Easier to manoeuvre and to clean. Cleaning makes you feel lighter and that in turn makes you happier.

8. Aids the environment. All of the manufacturing of material things does a number on the environment, so you are definitely doing your part in reducing the stockpile in the landfill.

Cutting back

9. Greater productivity. It takes a lot of time to acquire possessions. Cutting back means we have more time to concentrate on the things that matter.

10. Elimination of the need for comparison. You no longer have the need to use other people’s standard to validate your own existence. There is no need to liken your circumstances to what others are doing. Stay in your own lane, drive slowly and enjoy the view and the journey. 

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