There is no wifi… now what?

A funny video recently circulated of a couple who went on vacation to a lovely cabin that was gorgeous beyond belief, but before the wife could begin to unpack anything she started screaming and pointing.

Frightened woman - No WiFi

Her poor husband thought that she had seen a mouse or some other small critter but when he looked in the direction of her horrified gaze he saw a sign posted on the table which read: ‘No Wi-Fi’. Immediately he too started screaming at the top of his lungs. The idea of not being connected was too much to bear.

Bored and distracted teen - No WiFi

It is hard for us to imagine a world without wireless connection, but if we think about it, twenty years ago we lived our lives quite fine without it.  Indeed a quarter-century ago we existed perfectly okay with no cellular phones.

No WiFi signal

We met up with friends, went to the movies, attended parties and generally got on with the business of life, all without the use of handheld devices that today have become an extension of our hands.

Friends watching TV together - No WiFi

Teenagers today are glued to their phones and tablets. When at home they will disperse to their respective rooms and be lost in the world of Snapchat filters and bunny ears. If the Wi-Fi goes, you will see them magically appear looking like deers in a headlight, disoriented and distraught as for them their lifeline has been severe. Do not fear, this is the perfect time for some family bonding over some time-honoured and tested games — or, the horror – talking to each other!

Family playing board games - No WiFi

If your child is not a reader, take the opportunity to grab a book and then take turns reading aloud. Find interesting books that will take you both on a journey. Cultivate a habit of reading as several studies have proven that children who read do better in English, comprehension and critical thinking.

Family reading together - No WiFi

Reading also expands their vocabulary and facilitates the use of their imagination leading to some becoming great storytellers and later on great authors.

Ready to unplug yet?