These are definitely the 10 worst ways to end a relationship

If things aren’t working out, don’t be dismissive in how you break-up with your partner.

You have finally come to the conclusion that the relationship is not working out and you need to cut your losses and move on. You are firm in your decision …now you just need to inform your partner. That is where it can get kind of tricky as no break-up is ever easy, but some people treat it like a stomach ache and just want it to be over with as quickly as possible. Therefore, they end up being rather cold or dismissive in their approach.

Bad break-up bandit

One would think that the break-up would be bad enough, but no, the method of severing ties can be pretty traumatic in and of itself. Peruse the list and see which one, if any, have happened to you, or worse, if you are guilty of being a bad ‘break-up bandit’.

Sadly, some people end relationships via letters.

1.  Via a post-it. I first saw this in an episode of ‘Sex in the City” and later found out a good friend had it done to her by her college sweetheart. He stuck it on her dresser mirror near her make-up case because he knew she would see it there first thing it the morning. How strategically twisted! 

2. Through an email. It may be non-confrontational, but it is also rather inconsiderate. Plus, what if they do not receive it because it went to spam!

3. ‘Dear John’ or ‘Dear Jane’ letter. Some people believe letter writing is a dying art, but when you want to get things off of your chest you would be surprised as to the content of a letter.

A text message is a cold way to end a relationship.

4. Text/Whatsapp message. Is it that you just do not want to ever see their face again? Asking for a friend.

Horrible timing

5. Right after sex. He does the douche bag thing and say: “Can I call you a taxi?” Like seriously? So, you just had to ‘cut’ a final piece before saying: “This isn’t working out for me”.  

6. In front of a crowd. Talk about humiliating your partner. Why would you think that was cool?

It is super harsh to end a relationship while your partner is pregnant.

7. By proxy (let a friend do it for you instead). Have you ever been dumped by a friend of your boyfriend or girlfriend?! That must be an ego-killer.

8. When you find out your girlfriend is pregnant. So, you know she has a bun in the oven and you STILL have the audacity to want to walk away. That is not only messed up, it is cold.

9. On the morning of your wedding! Some may say that at least you dodged a bullet, but if there were doubts, why wait until that stage to pull the plug. That must be humiliating for the person left at the altar.

10. On your birthday. There is no possible way that they cared about you to ruin your big day like that. No one deserves that.     

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