Things fathers tell their sons…

More Jamaican fathers have been stepping up to the plate in recent times.

Despite the high number of female-headed households in Jamaica, more and more fathers are stepping up to the plate and making their presence felt in their children’s life. Some women may get upset when people say it, but truly, a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man, despite her Herculean effort to guide and nurture him.

Critical role

The critical role of a man in his son’s life is even more priceless than the MasterCard ad suggests. From helping him to balance on his first bicycle with the training wheels; the all-important ‘bird and the bees’ talk to his first shave as a teenager, the function of a father is essential in moulding young men to becoming decent men.  

Fathers usually teach their sons how to shave.

Can you relate?

The following represent some of the things men say their fathers shared with them over the years as they moved from adolescence to adulthood. See if you can relate.

1. After applying your shaving cream, use the razor and always stroke downwards as that is the direction in which your hair grows.

2. Never hit a female, even if provoked. If that is the case, take your stuff and walk away to de-escalate the situation.

3. You cannot turn a hoe into a housewife. If she has ‘hoe’ like tendency, do not settle down or marry her.

4. If you never went there, your name couldn’t be called. If she says you are the father, do what you need to until you have proof otherwise.

5. Do not marry for looks. Looks will fade but her ability to cook and take care of a family lasts forever.

A father will also tell his son the type of woman he should date.

6. Never fall asleep in another man’s house. That is a suicide mission!

7.  A woman who has no respect for your mother will also raise your children to not have respect for you.

8. Treat your daughter’s mother the way you want your daughter’s boyfriend to treat her.

9. The best gift you can give your children is the gift of an education. No one can ever rob them of that.

10.  A woman’s loyalty is tested when she has nothing. A man’s test is when he has everything.

11. If a woman is too eager/desperate to offer you sex, something is wrong. Take a step back from the situation and do your assessment. She is either trying to make someone jealous or is pregnant and wants to pass off the ‘belly’ as yours. Never be ‘frighten over front.’  

12. The grass next door looks greener because someone else is watering it. Do not envy someone else, their relationship or their partner. It is obvious they put in that work over there. Put in your own work and your lawn will thrive.

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