Things men say during sex …that women hate!

Men often say things during sex that make women cringe.

Let us face facts: Not everything about intercourse is great. Sometimes we get annoyed by the little things, but because we know better than to bruise egos, we let them slide even at the expense of our own pleasure.

Jamaicans are naturally talkative, and some people carry that trait over into the bedroom. Indeed, they will not shut up and just enjoy the ride, but instead feel the need to have a running commentary before, during and after sex that can seem super excessive and irksome to the point of even being a mood killer.

The wrong words can kill any mood.

Let your action speak

The following are easily the top 10 things that men utter when they probably should just let their ‘action’ speak for itself.

1. “How many times you cum?” Like seriously? Try none because you haven’t done anything of significance yet!

2. “Who fah ‘kitty’ this?” Substitute ‘kitty’ for another cat word. What is it with showing ownership as if it is a house or a car?

3. “Who’s your daddy?” Do you all know how creepy that is? Incest is not cool!!

4. “What’s my name?” Then…if you don’t remember your name, you expect her to?

5. “Tell me if you love it babe”. Ehmmm….no comment.

Less talking and more action does the trick.

6. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”  Again, this big assumption that it was even good!

7. “Tell me if you like it.” So, my moans and body language were not enough indicators, you still need verbal validation?

8. “Me know you a enjoy it but you just a hol’ back.” Again…no comment.

9. “You ever see one so big?” Now, what should you possibly say to that question?

10. “You nah nuh friend we can do a threesome with?” And just like that, he not only killed the mood but whatever he had going on with you.

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