Things people do when caught in a lie

People’s reactions to lying or being lied to can vary depending on the nature of the relationship.

People lie. We all do; sometimes to spare someone’s feelings or just to get out of a sticky situation. However, some people lie constantly to the point you wonder if it is pathological.

Lying can be one of the most unattractive traits an individual has and is considered by some to be only marginally better than cheating. People who lie for seemingly no reason are the hardest to take seriously or be in a relationship with because they can implement any number of escape options when cornered.

While some will confess if caught in a lie, more often than not the offender will seek other routes to try to get out of the situation.

Here are some of the most common responses of people whose mouths write cheques their lips cannot cash!

1.  Lie some more: Why not just create a web of lies?

2. Run (flight): When they cannot think of a plausible cover, they seek shelter far away.

3. Get angry: Anger is a defence mechanism and usually people back off when they are faced with it instead of confronting the person.

4. Blame others: Throwing people under the bus is a standard technique.

5. Get defensive/deflect: Do not expect them to be remorseful immediately. 

6.  Laugh it off/defuse the situation: If they can get you to laugh, you probably will not want to make the situation worse by pursuing the conversation.

7. Break eye contact: Shifty eyes are always a dead giveaway.

8. Use hand gestures: It helps them to embellish the story the longer they speak.

9. Overuse the word ‘honestly’: There is little honest about whatever story they are spinning

10. Confess: It may take a while but when they realise you are not falling for any of it, they may eventually come around.