Things people do when stressed

Sometimes it can all feel like too much and we get bogged down by what needs to be done.(Photo: Global News)

Stress is a common enough part of living. Many of us experience it during exams, planning a wedding or any other big occasion. It’s expected in normal doses however it can be amped up in some instances and begin to take a physical and emotional toll on individuals.

Some tell-tale signs of stress we need to look out for can be found below:

1. Overeating: And it generally tends to be junk foods.

Many people eat in order to cope with their stress.

2. Venting: Constantly talking about the issue to anyone willing to listen to the point that people start avoiding conversations with you.

3. Drinking: It’s no longer a social thing, or a glass of wine per day.

4. Lack of sleep: Whether you’re avoiding it or you just can’t fall asleep, you’ve become an insomniac.

Having a complete night’s rest is difficult for many individuals who are stressed.

5. Overanalysing everything: You cannot seem to shut your mind off

6. Procrastination: You put off things which you consider small tasks that can be done at another time.

7. Rushing: You are always on the go and there never seems to be enough time to get things done.

We either find it hard to get around to working out or workout all the time when faced with stress.

8. Exercise: You either channel all your energy into working out or you can’t find the energy to work out at all.

9. Feeling overwhelmed: Deadlines are looming and there are still no solutions in sight. It may be time to admit that you cannot do it alone and call for reinforcements.