Things some men hide from their wives

We would all love to think that our partners are always totally honest and forthcoming with us, right? Well, that is in utopia and none of us have ever been there. Our reality is that everyone, even the most loving of couples, has a few secrets or things they wish to keep to themselves. The issue is not that their mates do not know, but really if what they are hiding can negatively impact the union. These are just a few things that can come between a couple and their need for trust:

1. Money: If he got a promotion or won some money gambling he is keeping it all to himself.

2. Porn stash: The less she knows what really floats his boat, the better her peace of mind.

3. Mistress/ side piece: That is information best kept to himself. 

4. Black book: He better write it all down in code too.

5. Extra cell phone: Stands to reason since he already has a mistress.

Unhappy woman not listening to his excuses at home in the living room

6. New credit card: She cannot just take it and have some retail therapy.

7. Dirty dishes: When she puts him on a diet and he cheats in the middle of the night while she is asleep.

8. An alternate address: This is where the credit card statement goes.