Things some women have a hard time saying no to

We are creatures of habit, and despite being labelled as indecisive at times, for the most part, we do know what we want. We also know what we like, treasure, covet and simply will not do without.

Hence, there may be a few things that we have a hard time saying no to. Yes, we can be tempted, but it should be worth it to give in because if we are going to increase our sin count, we should at least revel in the memories for a few months to come.

See what on the list catches your fancy and what you would have a hard time refusing.


Especially those expensive red bottoms

Their kids

When they look up at you with those big adorable eyes, your resistance melts.


Shine bright like a diamond – bling bling makes us sing sing!


Delicious is not the word. Sometimes it makes all our problems go away …temporarily.


It makes the world go round and round.


Yes, but only if it is good.


Retail therapy work wonders when you are feeling down.


Especially if it is on someone else’s tab

A dinner date

A girl has gotta eat, right?

Their mooching family members.

We know we should cut them off, but usually, we end up giving them the benefit of the doubt.