Things teachers wish parents knew

The saying ‘if a child does not learn, a teacher did not teach’ may be debatable in today’s society; but there are some things that teachers wished that parents would instil in their children before unleashing them on the wider society.

More parents should also be ‘schooled’ on what exactly is the role of a teacher, in order to improve the teaching-learning experience for a child.

Firstly, the teacher is not an informal financial institution. They assist students with bus fare and lunch money, but it is unconscionable for parents to continuously ask them to do this considering how poorly our nation’s teachers are already being paid.

Also, lice are not counted as students and are not listed on the register! No educator wants the onerous task of combing through students’ hair and telling the infected culprits to go home.

If you really want to make their lives easier, train up your children with manners and respect. You may think your little ones are precocious but children who are argumentative and do not listen, are really just rude and ill-mannered and there is nothing cute about that.

With that said also note that four-letter words do not look good coming out of the mouths of children! Be aware of the movies and television shows they watch and monitor their activities online as not everything can pass the Broadcasting Commission’s child-friendly ratings.

When it comes to children, it is knowledge and not expensive brands that will make your child shine. Kids who have the latest in designer bags, shoes and other costly items are just walking billboards for high-priced consumption. It is ironic how parents who complain that school fees are too high, are the very ones who find the money for material stuff but not textbooks.

Teachers struggle daily when faced with the challenge of marking a child named ‘Airwrecka’ (Erica) present

One of the biggest pet peeves of teachers is marking a register with names not even the students themselves can spell! The Registrar General Department shocked many Jamaicans a few years ago when they made a public appeal for parents to desist from giving their children ‘unusual’ names such as ‘Syphilis’.

While most would have a chuckle, teachers struggle daily when faced with the challenge of marking a child named ‘Airwrecka’ (Erica) present!

And while you are at it, hold back on the smartphones for some of the children. Think about how smartphones have become almost a weapon in the hands of children, especially when they use their camera and video capabilities to film themselves doing things they should not be doing!

And the number one complaint: homework that is not done at home. Homework should not be seen as punishment. It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child gets their assignment done without doing the actual work for them.

Always remember how difficult a job teaching can be. The next time you see a teacher, tell him or her thanks.

If it was not for them, you would not even be able to read this article.

Also, did you catch a glimpse of this heartfelt piece from an educator in the US, who decided to leave the profession?

The filter comes off now..I think it's easier for people to believe that I left teaching because of the lousy pay. …

Posted by Jessica Gentry on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let’s give our teachers the love and respect they deserve.