Things that become daily rituals

We are indeed creatures of habit. That means we not only have our routines and daily rituals but practices that make our lives simpler.

Some people are unable to function without coffee.

We like what we like, and we like having what we like when we want it, so there are some stuff we require daily, often more than once in a day.

See the list below and see if you agree.

1.  Morning meditation or motivation. It could be a bible passage or a Daily Bread inspiration to start the day off spiritually sound.

2. Caffeine. Most of us need that ‘morning joe’ to facilitate us being rational, friendly people.

3. Food/meals. Snacking or having our favourite food can be the highlight of our day.

4. Bathroom breaks. A good bowel movement usually clears our thinking and makes us walk lighter/freer.

5. Medication. If you need it, you need it. If your ‘medz’ keep you sound, sane and functioning, have at it.

5. Sex. You know the saying: once during the week and three times on Sunday!

6. Water. Stay hydrated to maintain that beautiful glowing skin.

7. Drink. A glass (or two) of wine never hurt anybody, I’m just saying.

8. Sleep. There really is no substitute for sleep. You are either getting it or you are not.

9. The news. For people, this is traditional 7 p.m. news while others ‘ketch up’ on updates delivered on their smart devices.

10. Exercise. Through the power of Youtube and other media channels, more and more people are getting over their pandemic blues and are working on a better, healthier version of themselves.