When Mom’s Away…

Tracey is heading to her reunion for the weekend so Dave has the children and full time ‘daddy duties’.

Knowing how rambunctious her three small children can be, Tracey is worried if she will even recognise her home when she gets back, so with a sigh and a little apprehension, she kisses them goodbye and heads out of town. For Dave, it is no big deal as he has things all planned out and it involves absolutely none of the instructions Tracey left pinned to the refrigerator.

For the next 48 hours, he will be in charge of the ‘fun-factory’ and all of Tracey’s rules about etiquette and cleaning will be ignored. These are the things fathers do differently when mothers are not around.

The first thing they do is suspend chores. Who needs them? Nobody ever got a Nobel peace prize for cleaning or washing dishes. Therefore to ensure that there is minimal work involved he will roll up and put aside the carpet so that he does not get any food or juice stains on it and all meals will be served on paper plates. How smart is that?

Fathers also like to make everything either a sport or a competition with little ones so in order to get them to eat all their food they will make lunch a ‘hot dog eating contest’ and even get a whistle and cheer them on as they wolf down their meal. Their mothers would be mortified.

Bath time is a whole adventure. Mothers have so much on their plate that getting the kids cleaned and clothed and out of the bathroom in as little time as possible has become almost a science for them. Not so for Dad. He goes for toys and makes it a full-blown water park with a theme so the kids will be wrinkled but happy as they go off to sleep.

Speaking of adventures, trust dad to pull apart the living room sofa cushions and make a tent or a camp in the middle of the living room complete with sheets, flashlights and pillows. He may turn off all the main house lights and feed them snacks while he tells them scary stories that makes them want to pee but too afraid to venture off to the bathroom by themselves. Way to go, dad!

For fathers it is all about comfort over style.

Dads may also allow them to pick their clothing to wear – forget colour coordination, clean, weatherproof or right for the occasion – if it fits and they like it, it’s a go! For fathers it is all about comfort over style. They are also big on giving you the option to choose so another brownie point for dads who allows you to just be you.

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