Pucker up! 8 things that make a kiss unforgettable

It can all start or end with a single kiss. So what makes them special?

You’ve been expecting it since it became obvious that you two hit it off immediately. The chemistry is boiling, the ambience is on point, conversation is free-flowing and his cologne has you weak. He has been subtly flirting with you for the past hour and it seems he was just waiting for the right opportunity to seal the deal.

You hurry to the restroom to brush your teeth and re-apply that fruity lip gloss that makes your lips both pop and look plump.

A romantic location can set the perfect tone for a kiss.

This is going to be a kiss that you not only remember but probably write about in your journal. So what makes a kiss stand out or blow your socks off? The following are a few reasons Faith Hill sang This Kiss.   

1. Tongue action

2. Passion/love

3. Leads to hot sex

4. Weakened knees

5. If it is your first

6. Petting/fondling

7. It’s long/lingering

8. Exotic/romantic location