Things to do in a self-imposed lockdown

Bored? Maybe you should try yoga.

Singer Richie Spice once declared that ‘earth a run earth’, and currently, it is not a joke as the world has gone and got itself in a big mess with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and it doesn’t look like things are going to be normal any time soon. This means people are isolating themselves, going into self-imposed exile or lockdown after stocking up on food and toilet paper (don’t ask!).

Since so many people are home isolated, instead of being bored and doing things to increase the population nine months from now, you can occupy your mind and body with other stuff that will make your waking hours pass with ease and not anxiety.

Reading a good book might get you in a great mood.

1. Yoga

There are more than 100 positions to try and master. It is also a great way to keep centred and relax

2. Ludo/Ludie

Don’t get hung up on the name, just play the game. If you have a competitive family, this is hours’ worth of fun.

You can never go wrong with Netflix.

3. Netflix

Remember you don’t want the ‘chill’ part, so make every member of your family choose a movie, pop some popcorn and have a go at it.

4. Read a good book

Now is the perfect time to catch up with your favourite author whether local or foreign. Grab your paperback, hardcover or kindle and get lost in a world of mystery, drama and adventure. What are you waiting for?

Board games are perfect for kids and adults.

5. Board games

Scrabble and Monopoly should top the list as you are either going to get smarter learning new words or you learn to be a good money manager and how to buy property and invest wisely.

6. A thousand-piece puzzle set

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have kids, it is a great way to keep them occupied.

Maybe you can start a little garden.

7. A pool party

No, you don’t need a real pool to have fun, as there are blow-up pools available. If you cannot find one, just get some super soaker water guns and play tag.

8. Gardening

If you are a little older, why not start a garden? It can be as simple or as intricate as you choose. It can be a rock garden with lots of cacti or a rose garden that is guaranteed to bring the hummingbirds to your windows each day.

Coronavirus will pass eventually, so keep your body in shape with exercise.

9. Write a book or short story

If you like to write, now would be the ideal time to pen that first novel you have been talking about writing since you were a teenager. You never know where your imagination may lead you.

10. Exercise

Before you start packing on the weight from all that ‘quarantine snacks’ you will be munching on, set up a work out regime and get moving. Half-hour sessions twice daily should do the trick.