Things we wish we could kiss goodbye

Has something ever plagued you to the point where you either cursed or prayed that some way, somehow will soon be rid of the ‘crosses’?

Sometimes we make mistakes that later come back to haunt us and in other instances, through no fault of our own, we end up in situations that are beyond our control. Oftentimes we have to roll our eyes back and look to the heavens for relief.

The following are just a few of the things or circumstances that we wish we could overcome in order to have more peaceful and worry-free lives. See if you agree.

1. Toxic relationships

Young african-american couple quarreling at home, woman crying. Family relationship difficulties concept, copy space

2. Excess bodyweight

3. Stalker exes

4. Debt

5. Dead-end jobs

6. Pain and illness

7. ‘Badmind’ people

8. Negative energy

9. People who constantly beg