Things women criticise about each other

It’s all fun and girl power until you do something to upset another woman.

They say a woman will sooner tear down another woman than build her up. Call it jealousy, pettiness or straight up ‘bad mind’, in some circles there is only room for one attractive, successful woman and if another one comes along then everything becomes a competition.

While the pie is usually big enough for everyone to have a slice, some do not see it that way and have determined it’s survival of the fittest.

With that mindset, it’s to see the Hunger Games- type strategy at play when they pick a part their presumed competition.

Oh, your cooking skills need work? Best not let Jen hear about that.

The following are just a few things women tend to pick at about other women:

1. Clothes: If they are chic, sharp or frumpy, it is all a subject for discussion.

2. How they raise their child(ren): Even their parenting skills are scrutinised.

3.Relationships: Opinions will be had as to which it is fake, opportunistic or genuine.

4.  The cleanliness of their homes: Put your best broom forward if you’re gonna invite them over.

Don’t invite ’em over if there’s even a speck of dust anywhere.

5. Size of the home: And don’t think the chosen neighbourhood is off limits.

6.  Work ethic: If she is a workaholic, she will be vilified and if she does just enough, that’s also fodder for the fire.

7.  Cooking skills: Whether she lives out of a can or cooks better than Martha Stewart, they want to know.

8. Figure/weight: They are better than any scale at determining a woman’s ideal weight.

If that contour isn’t just right, it’s best you don’t leave the house, sis.

9. Hairstyle: Whether it’s wigs, weave or natural hair, they can offer an opinion as to its appropriateness.

10. Make-up skills: Being made-up just right is a skill that can take years to master. But if you want to avoid the pointed tones and snarky comments, YouTube is your friend.