Things women say during sex that men find irksome

Talking during sex is fine, but a talk fest is not OK.

Ladies, do not for a second believe that when it comes to intercourse you are all on top of your game. When it comes to suffering from verbal diarrhoea,  some of you should get a trophy, as you have not a clue that it is the wrong time and place to be giving an acceptance speech. So, like the energizer bunny, you just keep going and going. Luckily for us, most men will tune us out and continue on, but that does not mean that you get brownie points for having a talk fest in the middle of sex.

During sex women often say things that can change a man’s mood.

The following are stuff said that can really be a mood changer if men are honest enough to speak up without fearing malice or loss of horizontal ‘privileges’.

1. “Ya go kill me?!” But two minutes ago you told him to pick up the pace so which one is it because we can be confusing.

2. “Choke me, babe!” Your mother at home praying for your safety and ya’ll out here ready for these men to catch a case in criminal court for accidental asphyxiation!!

3. “A your XXXXX this!” Think of a baby kitten and you got the word often used. One wonders: If it is his tonight, whose was it last week? Asking for a friend.

4. “How you love me so good?!” Substitute ‘love’ for another four-letter word!

5. “Go harder!” And then you complain when you have to sit in warm salt water afterwards.

A man doesn’t have extra inches hidden, so don’t ask for it.

6. “Go deeper babe!” Huh? It is not like he has an extra four inches in reserve stored somewhere!

7. “Nuh man never mek me feel like this before.” If she says this, she is stroking your ego, bless her heart.

8. “Don’t. Stop!” So, which one is it? As these two words can have serious consequences in another context.

9. “You soon cum?” That is your cue to recognise that she wants it to be over. It is as simple as that.

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