Things women wear to feel sexy and confident

A confident woman is a sexy woman, even if she’s just going about her daily routine.

Sexy doesn’t have a specific look. A woman can be sexy at any size and at any age as sexy speaks to her state of mind. There are many women who men would give a limb to be with because they are considered ‘hot’ but deep down some will tell you there are many times they simply do not feel attractive or sexy.

There is nothing more beautiful or sexy than a confident woman. A self-assured female can light up a room and pull people in, like a moth to a flame. How she dresses can shed some light on what she is feeling so here are some things she may wear that will tell the tale that she’s feeling sexy and she knows it.

A nice pair of heels can do so much for a woman’s look and boost her confidence greatly.

1. Fishnet Stockings: There is no way you can wear there and no purr like a cat.

2. Stiletto heels: Make them some Louis Vuitton red bottoms and she will love you with her heels on like Lady Saw said.

3. Bikini: If you have it, flaunt it. That’s the mantra of most bikini wearers.

Oh, you like this two-piece? Me too, that’s what I wore it.

4. Tight dress: Fitted in all the right places, hugging all the right curves.

5. Low-cut blouse: Cleavage can be currency in some instances.

6.  Mini-skirt: Even without Tina Turner legs you can rock it and feel on top of the world.

Confidence in one’s own skin is a level of sexiness that is second to none.

7. Nothing: A women who walks around her home in the nude or stands in front of her partner and let him appraise her temple, has grown to appreciate and love the skin that she is in.