Things you only need to do once in your life

They say you only live once so you better make the most of the time you have, because you do not know when your ticket will be punched.

With that mindset, we are hard-pressed to live life to the fullest, not take a moment for granted and to experience new and exciting things as much as we can, every chance we can grab.

There has got to be more to our time on earth than working like hamsters on a treadmill and paying bills. 

Everyone should make a list of things they really want to do and one by one just do them and cross them off your list.

No one remembers the total hours they put in on the job when they retire, but they do remember all the fun they had with friends and family, making memories.

It is all about ‘carpe diem’ and having stories to tell your grandkids when you are old, so here are some totally random things you could possibly see yourself doing even once in your life.

1. Have a solo adventure. Just go somewhere by yourself and enjoy your own company  

2. Write a song on your own. You do not need to sound like Beyonce but following through will allow you to channel your inner wild child.

3.  Fly first class, when covid is over of course.

4.  Adopt a pet. Especially if you have no children of your own, a ‘fur baby’ can be great practise.

5. Live overseas for a while. Do 3 months or more in another country and just immerse yourself in a culture that is not yours, to gain a greater appreciation of the similarities and differences.

6. Dine at a celebrated or Michelin star restaurant. Take lots of pictures!

7.  Have a personalised shoot -out for no other reason than to celebrate you.

8. Attend a fancy black-tie event. Rub shoulders with the rich and popular and chat up a few local celebrities.

9. Volunteer at a shelter. Serving the less fortunate is a blessing everyone should experience 

10. Surprise you stomach. Eat something exotic that would normally raise your eyebrow like octopus, snails, alligator etc.

11. Go ziplining. Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is a thrill you have to experience to believe.

12. Date someone who you would not normally be attracted to Step out of your comfort zone because what you are used to may have not been working for you.