Things you pray are fast and painless

Some things in life will hurt more than others, but there are those we wish to make as painless as possible.

In an ideal world, we all have things we wish to get done with and just put behind us. Most of them are simple and straightforward, others not so much. There are things in life most people just assume are a certainty or at least a high probability of happening because life is not static and we are always evolving. The following represent a few things we will likely encounter, that we wish to conquer, or at least navigate through, so that we can occupy our time and space with more pleasant things.

1. Court: No one likes a lengthy court case so you would prefer a verdict with some amount of alacrity.

2. Dental procedure: It is typically painless …until the Novocaine wears off.

3. Waxing: With a trained professional it can be

4. Paying taxes: There is nothing painless about parting with that amount of money.

5. Surgery: It is never fast and definitely not pain free.

6. Wedding: While we do not mind the ceremony being fast, we pray the marriage itself is long and lasting.

7. Exams: Talk about relief when you finally get them done!

8. Death: We can only hope that that bright light comes shining through.