Things you probably shouldn’t tell you co-workers

You spend a lot of time with coworkers, so sharing with them will get easier as time goes by. However, it’s important that you know what the boundaries are.

Your co-worker is like family, at times, and so it is pretty easy for you to open up and share things in and around the office that you have either seen, overheard or been privy to because of your position.

You tell them practically everything anyways so what a few more things pertaining to the job, right?

Wrong. When it comes to work, there are some things best left alone as sharing is not always caring and oversharing can land you in trouble, or worse, land you out of a job.

Sharing confidential or otherwise sensitive information is a sure-fire way of getting into trouble.

The following are some things you should never discuss with co-workers:

1. Confidential passwords or codes: This is career suicide waiting to happen!

2. Getting a raise: You may spark up that green-eyed monster without you even knowing it.

3. Where the keys to the office safe are kept: If it was meant for others to know, they would have been told.

Negotiating a raise is great news, for you. Think twice before discussing salary matters of any kind with co-workers.

4. That you are sleeping with the boss! How stupid can you be?!

5. Other co-workers’ business: Soon no one will trust you to even deliver the mail.

6.  Your salary: If everyone is not getting the same amount, this is definitely not advisable.

7. That there is an opening for a promotion: How do you know they won’t apply behind your back?

8. The boss’s business that you overheard: They may very well tell the boss all that you’ve said and leave you with egg on your face.

9. The payroll spreadsheet: This is just wrong on so many levels.

10. The pending redundancy list: That kind of power can get to anyone’s head and have disastrous consequences.