Things you should and shouldn’t do at an office party

The workweek is over, and the party just got into full swing. Everyone is dressed to the nines and looking their best and on a first-name basis. The boss is in a good mood for once, and even your co-worker that you really do not care for is being nice.

Hours later when the liquor starts flowing and music start thumping, it all goes left, and people start staring, as this is one scandalous office party that will have workers whispering for days to come.

Office parties are a time of fun and frolic wherein employees can let down their hair and forget about that pile of work on their desk. However, there is fun, and then there is foolhardy behaviour that may get you a talking to from the HR department. If you are in doubt about what NOT to do when attending an office party, here are some pointers that should serve you well going forward.


1. Remember that although it is a party, these are people you work with and some level of decorum is still required.

2.  Wear clothing that covers your basic anatomy. It is not ‘as bare as you dare’ – office edition

3.  Be pleasant and respectful to everyone, even those in the organisation who you do not like. A party is a time to put all that aside and celebrate the success of the company. 

Do not

1. Drink excessively and make a fool of yourself.

2. Flirt with your boss or anyone in senior management. Just don’t flirt period!

3. Do not ‘drop it like it’s hot’ or go on your head top. Leave that dancing for a private ‘bruk out’ session with your friends.

4. Video your colleagues behaving badly. This is not the time to think of blackmail.

5. Wrap up all the leftovers to carry home. It just look ‘bhuttu’.

6. Ask the deejay to play Spice’s Needle Eye and then take over the dancefloor.

7. Discuss your colleagues with other colleagues.

8. Remove your shoes or items of clothing as the night progresses.

9. Go off with a co-worker of the opposite sex to another room for any extended period of time. Do not feed the rumour mill.

10. Start an argument or a fight under no circumstances. Alcohol sometimes makes people do or say things they later regret. Be the bigger person and walk away.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of BUZZ or its employees.