Things you should know about a person before you ask them out

Before asking someone out on a date, it is important to do your due diligence.

So, you keep running into the girl at the supermarket, and when she looks up and smiles at you, every organ and even a few limbs turn to jello. You are seriously smitten and also seriously considering asking her out the next time you guys bump trolley in the wine aisle. But, pump your brakes.

Before you get to sliding her your phone to get her digits, consider that you do not know her from a hill of beans. To avoid another dating horror story where you find yourself with a cute but psychotic individual on your hands, do your due diligence and check out who this individual is.

Use social media to help you find out more about the person you wish to date.

In this day and age of digital footprint, it is not hard to find people on social media where a photograph may be worth a thousand words. Sometimes after you see what they put out there and how they portray themselves, you might need to sanitise your tablet or phone!

What you should know

1. If they are single or taken. This has to be number one. If you already know this, it can save you a world of hurt and heartburn from the get-go.

2. Their temperament. Are they easy-going or wound up tighter than a grandfather clock?! Their personality is important to the success of anything you are seeking to build.

3. If they have a criminal record. And if it is a girl do not take it to mean that she is a saint either. Women go to jail too.

4. Their relationship with their family. If they get along with them is critical…

5. If they have any serious medical issues. You need to know what you will be signing up for.

6. What they think about children and pets. How they feel toward these two groups can tell you if they have room in their heart to love someone or something other than themselves.

7. What they are currently looking for in a relationship. Before you invest your all, find out if they are looking for a fling or something long term.

8. If they get along with their exes (for the most part). If they have nothing good to say about none of them, that is a red flag.