Things you should leave before it is too late…

Have you ever been tired of being tired? You feel worn out or as Jamaicans say ‘pop dung’, but physically you are healthy so you kind of figure that whatever is going on is in your head?

Chances are that whatever you are doing is not working for you, and you need to quit trying to fix the unfixable, stop trying to save the ‘unsaveable’, and just let go and let God.

Letting go or leaving can apply to a myriad of things, situations or even a person. Once you have identified what is toxic or not working, you say a prayer, take a deep breath and make like a tree in spring – and leave.

The party

Never be the first in a food line or the last to leave a party. When the DJ starts playing weird and sappy music, he wants to go home so pack up and cut. Only sad and lonely people stick around until the house lights come on.

The Job

If every day you get a migraine thinking about Monday morning at work, chances are your job is a nightmare and you need to find a new one. When your job starts making you both physically and mentally ill, you need to go have a talk with human resources.

The relationship

After you have exhausted all options and tried everything, it is OK to say I cannot do this anymore. It is also best you leave before you start hating each other.

The excuses

When you chuck these out the window and simply say: “My bad, I messed up” you know you are on the right path.

The house

The house is not a home if you are unhappy. It can literally become a prison. Leave it if you have to. It ain’t worth your peace of mind

The friendship

If it becomes one-sided, fake or too costly, cut them off and cut them out of your life.