Things you should never say on a first date

It’s your first date in forever and you want to make a good first impression but you were kind of nervous so you came early to scope out the place and have a drink or two to loosen up.

The first date can be awkward, don’t make it worse by saying all the wrong things.

Innocent enough but you know what they say about loose lips…they sink ships; and relationships before they even get to the second date phase.

You have to be careful that in loosening up you don’t allow yourself susceptible saying all the wrong things to the Mr or Mrs Right.

A few potential relationship wreckers are listed below.  Have a look to see if you’ve been guilty of using any:

Make an effort to impress on the first date, but stay away from saying these things.

1. “You remind me of my ex”: Well, now you have another ex to be reminded of.

2. “So, just how much money do you make?”:  That is not anyone’s business!

3. “I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, I feel sick all the time.”:  Miss you have no business being on any date!

4. “I’m glad I was able to ditch the wife to meet up with you!”: Just look at this trainwreck and we haven’t even left the station.

5. “Don’t order too much or too expensive, I’m on a budget”

This is a first date, spend a little on the person who is potentially the last one you will ever have to try and impress.

6. “You know, we would make beautiful babies together.” This is a serious red flag!

7. “I think I found my next baby mother!” You brite bad!

8. ‘Let’s go Dutch”: Unless she suggested it, pay the bill. It’s the first date!

9. “You’re not really my type but I can rock wid you.”:  Leave. Just leave

10. “You cute enuh…so what’s really wrong wid you?”: Again, leave!

Splitting the bill is fine, it’s 2020. But on a first date, you could make an effort to impress. Yes?

11. “So…what’s your body count?”: Don’t allow the devil to draw you out.

12. “I can’t stay long, my husband soon reach home.”: That’s OK, we’re done here.

13. “I’m not looking for anything serious.”: So…why are you here?

14. “You would look so nice if you lost a few pounds.”: And you would look nice with entrée in your lap.

15. “This is my first date since prison!”:  No, this was your first date. G’bye!