Things you should not do at your friend’s house

So, your friend invited you to come spend the weekend at her place, and you gladly accepted. But before you pack your bag and turn up at her crib, ditch some of your dirty habits at home, as the last thing you need is for your friend to regret extending her generosity.  

Many of us learnt good manners growing up, but it is always good to brush up on basic social skills that can save you a world of embarrassment and hurt feelings. Remember to treat other people’s space the way you would want them to treat yours. The following checklist of ‘no-nos’ will give you an idea of certain behaviours that are unbecoming for a grown adult. 

1. Do not put your feet up on their sofa. Yuh bright bad!

2. Do not open their pot and peep in it. If you did not cook it, don’t inspect it

3. Avoid walking around in your underwear, especially if your friend is married or has a boyfriend. What exactly are you advertising?

4. Do not change the channel if someone else is watching a particular show. That’s just rude.

5. Though she may have said ‘help yourself to anything in the fridge or pantry’, use your conscience and do not eat or drink excessively. Curb your gut.

6. While in the guest bedroom, do not search through their desk, drawers or closet. There isn’t anything for you there.

7. Under no circumstances do you use their personal items such as rag, deodorant or toothbrush. Ewwww.

8. Do not expect your friend who is your host to come spread your bed. Be a good guest and keep the space you inhabit tidy.

9. Leaving dirty dishes piled up in the sink is unacceptable. There is no maid service available. 

10. Do not expect to be waited on. Let them know how considerate you are – grab a broom and sweep up a bit.

— Written by C.W.

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