Things you should not do on a first date

On a first date, avoid doing things that are weird or rude.

You are hungry, but you could not risk having a ‘belly’ in the tight dress you are wearing, so you skipped lunch. You hope your date does not notice if you pick at your meal over dinner. Yes, you want to make a good first impression from how you look to an engaging conversation and everything in between. But there are some things to avoid if you want the first date to lead to a second.

Oftentimes we do things without realising it may be off-putting or irksome to others. And while our friends know and accept our idiosyncrasies, others do not and may think that we are weird, rude or worse, retarded. By sidestepping the things on the list below, hopefully, you come across as cool and not creepy. Good luck! 

A date is an opportunity to get to know someone else.

1. Pick your nose. No one wants to see this, trust me.

2. Drink too much. Nobody thinks a sloppy drunk is attractive.

3. Talk about your ex. Talking about your exes will have people ‘ex-iting’ the conversation.

4. Talk more than you listen. If you do not let the person get a word in edgewise, you might as well have stayed home and conversed with your mirror.

5. (If you are a man) Ask the person to go ‘Dutch’. If you cannot afford to pay for the meal, you should have simply gone to Burger King and had it your way.

A date should not be treated like a job interview.

6. Treat the date like a job interview. There is a fine line between getting to know someone and ‘interviewing’ them for a position in your life. Know the difference.

7. Bring along a friend. Who does that? Seriously who?

8. Go into details about your sex life. You may think that you are sounding ‘worldly’ and ‘experienced’, but for most people, this is one of the biggest turn-offs on a date.

9. Whine or complain a lot. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy.

10. Ask for or lean in for a kiss. Talk about presumptuous. Sharing conversation and a meal does not mean you get to share saliva, you bright!