Things you should probably keep to yourself

There are benefits to sharing your feelings but some things you should just keep to yourself.

If you are serious about having success, be it in your relationship, family life or career, there are some things that it is best you keep to yourself, even from the bestie. Yes, you have friends that you may share secrets with but there is no guarantee that your friend today will not be your ‘frenemy’ two years from now.

Oftentimes people with loose lips fail to see the correlation between having verbal diarrhoea and unfulfilled dreams or deferred plans but think about it: if you keep talking about things that are sensitive in nature, do you really expect the person listening to just sit on the information forever and do nothing?

Remember three can keep a secret if two are dead.  See the list below and act accordingly. You can thank me later.

1. Love life: If you want to mash up your relationship, just blab to your girlfriend about how good your man can lay pipe. Best believe she is going to want to ‘confirm’ your findings!

Your friends really don’t need to know how bomb, or not, your sex life is. Share these intimate details at your own peril.

2. Income: Nobody needs to know that, not even your spouse because in an acrimonious situation it can come back to bite you when they ask for money since they know you got it like that. Plus you also do not need friends and family coming to ‘borrow’ money every couple of weeks.

You make good money and can afford a nice life, but sharing just how much you take home may not always be in the best interest of your peace of mind.

3. Plans to quit your job: The worst person to share that bit of information with is a co-worker, especially the sneaky, overly ambitious one.

If you’re miserable at your job and want to leave, telling someone at that job is the last thing you want to do.

4. That there is a position for advancement opening up in your organisation: Again, watch that sneaky co-worker. She may beat you to the punch because you just could not do it first and then talk about it after

Make moves in silence, you don’t need to tell coworkers you are eyeing the recent opening.

5. Extramarital affairs: Men especially like to brag but this kind of ‘sharing’ can come back to bite you in a court of law when your soon to be ex goes for your jugular and have ‘receipts’ thanks to information received from your bestie. 

Having cheated is bad enough, telling someone other than your partner is worse.

6. Family issues: Family skeletons are best left in the closet. If you really need to discuss them or if someone is hurting and really needs closure, seek the services of a trained therapist.    

If you’re having issues at home, work it out there. Don’t take them to anyone else.