Things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your job

Your job is a place of professionalism, ensure you keep keep up your part of that.

You have been unemployed for a while and can now consider yourself financially independent. But before you give that sigh of relief, here are some things you need to cement in your mind so that you do not get complacent and start treating your new job like an old boyfriend.

Many of us have bad habits and traits that we dismiss as being quirks or parts of our personality but some of these, if carried into our careers, can be detrimental.

Work is not the time or the place for gossip, keep it cute.

So to ensure that this new job is the one that will lead to you that long service award, examine the list below to ensure that you do not exhibit any of the following bad habits or actions.

1. Constantly goming to work late: Only the owner has that privilege. Clock in before time and turn up with a positive attitude.

2. Take extended lunch breaks: If you get an hour, do not keep going to places that will take you away longer than your stipulated time. Pay your bills online, after work or on the weekends.

 3. Bad mouth the boss: You know it is only going to get back to him/her, right?

Whatever your thoughts about your boss, work is never the place to share them.

4. Sleep on the job: Go to your bed early enough that you do not have ‘dropsy’ daily.

5. Leave early: If you have a doctor’s appointment or an emergency, it is understandable but not to do errands.

6. Bringing your kids to work: It is not a nursery. Make proper arrangements before your co-workers start complaining to the boss. 

7. Steal: This does not necessarily mean money from the cash register. It can also mean inventory, especially office stationery. It would not look good to be fired over some markers and two reams of letter-sized paper!

8. Argue in front of clients: This is a big no-no that may even get you reprimanded.

9. Act unprofessionally: Regardless of the action, this is unacceptable.

10. Gossip/start drama: Some people bring the drama everywhere they go. They just cannot help themselves.